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Integra now shipping 3D Ready receivers

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Integra, makers of premium audio and video components, has announced the availability of the Integra DTR-30.2 and DTR-20.2 3D-video-ready home-theatre receivers.

The THX Select 2 A/V Receivers feature HDMI 1.4a connectivity therefore they are compatible with all four mandatory 3D formats for broadcast content including the recently added “Side-By-Side (Half)” and “Top-and-Bottom” 3D video formats.

Both units feature Audyssey 2EQ automatic room correction, dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ processing, multiple DSP modes, Faroudja DCDi Cinema video processing with upscaling to 1080p and jitter-cleaning technology which Integra claims will deliver a sharper picture even with older video sources.

The Integra 30.2 delivers 100-watts power to each of seven loudspeakers while the DTR-20.2 has five power amplifier channels rated at 90 watts each. Each receiver is capable of decoding all major lossy and lossless audio codecs including Dolby True-HD and DTS-HS Master Audio.

The Integra DTR-30.2 and DTR-20.2 is available for $800 and $600 respectively in the United States. Canadian's will need to spend $1,100 and $800 respectively.

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