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I got an email that states"In the coming months, we will no longer support standard definition (SD) receivers."

My setup...
I have a 6131 and a 2700 receiver. One dish with a legacy dual LNB is mounted on a post (SD 91) and the other with a dual LNB is mounted on the house (HD 82). I have one cable from 91 going inside the house to the 2700 receiver and another cabe going to a switch. I have a cable connecting 82 to the switch and one cable from the switch going inside the house to the 6131. I converted the 6131 to a PVR. Bell is offering to replace both receivers with 6500 receivers. I will replace only the 2700 since I use the 6131 as a PVR. Both receivers feed the same television.

Now the questions
Does the 6500 only need the HD LNB to work, in other words just connect the HD satellite using 1 cable ? If not I would need another setup with another SW21 switch to feed the 6500?

Another question which is off topic, why would they offer to replace my 6131 HD receiver?



Thanks to anyone that was going to reply but I decided to not do the replacement. I will hope that the 6131 keeps working and I will use the FibeTV app for those rare times that I would be recording a show and want to watch something else.

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I recently received 6500 HD receivers to swap out my older 4100 SD receivers.

I am running 2 tv sets in my house and have a dual horn feed on my satellite dish, with separate coax feeds to each receiver.

They actually sent out a technician who said my coax cable was causing the issues, with a poor connection. Also advised me that there is a satellite dish upgrade that I would also need to receive HD programming.
I find it hard to believe that the coax cable could be a problem, because I have a 95-100 % signal strength, but only on odd numbered transponders. When I check my signal strength on each of the even number transponders I get the message "Not Locked - Name Not Acquired" Each of the others is "Locked - Nimiq 91"

I tried to reverse the connections at the satellite dish, to see if it was just one side of the horn, but still doing the same thing.

My second tv set is fully functional, both even & odd transponders read they are locked with 95-100 signal strength.

When I swap the receivers from 1st to 2nd TV set the 2nd set is still only receiving odd transponders.
Seems odd to me. I cant believe that a poor connection could cause loss to only even numbered transponders.

I do not run a switch, & never had or needed one.

any ideas?

I guess the next step will be to try running a new coax cable directly from the dish to the receiver. There is a wall jack that connects the main cable from the dish to the receiver. Maybe there is something wrong there, but still funny why only on even transponders, with such a strong signal on the other ones
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