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Installation Questions - See Links in Post 1.

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92XX series installation:

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Having read the topics of attaining satellite 82 after receiving satellite 91 the consensus seemed to be to find a strong signal on 91 then using your skew to find satellite 82. I have tried for five days between work (no luck). I have got 82 but lost 91 in the process. Anyway is there anyone who has been thru the same problems and how to attain Sat 91 and 82 at the same time. If so is it possible as a scenario to state something like yes we had Sat 91 then moved the Skew 14 degrees clockwise or something. I think this would be more informative than to just move your skew and hope you luck out.


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Everybody is looking at the same satellite so it doesn't matter where you live.
You can not use splitters on satellite setups. You must use direct connections or proper SWITCHES for satellite.
The 9241 has two tuners. three if you count OTA. You need two cables to the 9241. One for each tuner. Right now you only have input to one tuner. If he DPP used equipment you get by with one cable and a separator. It sounds like he did not use DPP so two cables are needed.
Those result indicate everything is OK. What results do you get from the one that is not working?
It can be hard to find relevant information in a 50 page long post. The idea of an FAQ post is a great one. Perhaps certain posts can even be nominated to be added to the FAQ post.
Call BELL and try to activate the receiver on your account. It could be a rental and not available to be activated. It could also not require a card. Not all receivers require cards.
Call Bell with serial and card numbers and they can tell you if the receiver can be activated.
It's not a splitter but a separator. It can only be used along a dish pro plus type LNB. Check out the installation thread sticky.
Is it detecting a sw21 and only the 91 sat?
Hook up the 82 direct and see if there is a signal.
i also try to plug the two direct line in result: tuner 1 see only sat 91, tuner 2 see only sat 82
Sounds like you have one line direct to each LNB with no switches in between.
No you can not use the separator for the 3100. You need another line from the dish.
Yes. Move the upstairs cable to downstairs and use the two lines for your 9241 inputs.
Don't forget to point the Pinza made about the dish having a Y yoke.
Doesn't Bell have free dish upgrade policy when adding an HD box?
You must be pointed directly at the satellite to get any signal. Even a tiny bit off and you get zero.
It depends on what receiver you get. Some of the HD units require two inputs.
Since you need 3 lines you will need as sw44 or replace LNB with a DPP twin and run one line to each unit and a separator at the 9400.
You will have to remove the sw21s and connect the cables direct from the DP to the mechanical room.
If I upgrade the lnb's with the new DPP twin as you suggested, is it a plug and play type of scenario - leave the dish pointed in the same direction, bolt on the new LNB (provided it fits the current arm on the dish), connect the cables and everything should work?
Wasn't sure if he got that part when said plug and play with the cables.
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