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92XX series installation:

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Having read the topics of attaining satellite 82 after receiving satellite 91 the consensus seemed to be to find a strong signal on 91 then using your skew to find satellite 82. I have tried for five days between work (no luck). I have got 82 but lost 91 in the process. Anyway is there anyone who has been thru the same problems and how to attain Sat 91 and 82 at the same time. If so is it possible as a scenario to state something like yes we had Sat 91 then moved the Skew 14 degrees clockwise or something. I think this would be more informative than to just move your skew and hope you luck out.


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Hello ,

I have just installed a new dish equipped with a quad output dpp lnb. I’m having signal problems and am looking for answers and help. I presently see sat 82 and see many but not all of my stations. I assume that I need to fine tune my dish angles. Is this correct ? Also, I do not see sat 91. I was under the impression that using the “Y” yolk, obtaining a signal from both would be “automatic”. What else do I need to do to see it. One final piece to the puzzle; the quad dpp has a built in switch ….. so my coax are connecting to ports 1 and 2. I assume this ok. Is this correct ? A lot of assumptions, I need to validate …. Or change these. Can someone offer the appropriate info and / or help ??

Thanks in advance !
It is possible to have the dish aimed to only receive one satellite. Since only see 82 It is likely you need to re-aim the dish.
Until you get the proper aim for both satellites you will not get all the channels.
Thanks…. Will try to repoint !
It's not uncommon for the 91 LNB to be aimed at 82 or visa versa. If that happens, the LNB aimed at the wrong satellite will not be picked up in the check switch.
Interesting…. Will check this out ! Thanks !
Ok … so repointed my dish and now have great reception on 91 … but can’t see 82. I’ve read that once you have 91, 82 is a simple adjustment. 2 hours later still trying ! LOL. I’ve a little above and below my elevation angle, tried moving my polarization sideways …. And I am left always coming back to my original 91 setting. Any thoughts ?
I have a new Quad dpp lnb. Facing the dish I get sat 91 on the right side lnb.
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