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Installation Questions - See Links in Post 1.

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Edit by 57 - here's a link for the various LNBFs:

92XX series installation:

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Having read the topics of attaining satellite 82 after receiving satellite 91 the consensus seemed to be to find a strong signal on 91 then using your skew to find satellite 82. I have tried for five days between work (no luck). I have got 82 but lost 91 in the process. Anyway is there anyone who has been thru the same problems and how to attain Sat 91 and 82 at the same time. If so is it possible as a scenario to state something like yes we had Sat 91 then moved the Skew 14 degrees clockwise or something. I think this would be more informative than to just move your skew and hope you luck out.


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Trying to run a 9400 and a 6400 using 2 of the 4 lines from the quad LNB. The 9400 has failed to pick up any signal at all from the start. The 6400 showed green for both satellites and had climbed to 92% signal then dropped back to 0. A check switch on either gives the "less satellites than originally detected" error. I tried running one of the lines into a 3100 and it gets 0 signal. This is where it got weird. It's definitely the quad LNB, Bell tech support verified that for me. But if I run 2 of the lines into an SW21 (which I realize should not be required) and connect that, the 3100 gets 100% signal and is solid as a rock. The two HD recievers still get nothing. I know for sure they both work, I got them from a friend and saw them working at his house before I bought them. Both are verified removed from his account and added to mine.
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I'll check and try all of that when i get home from work today and get back to you. Thanks!
Would there be an issue with reliability or signal quality from having short cables from the LNB connectors through the arm and either attached to the base of the mast or under the roof overhang and then using a F to F connector between it and the cable running into the house? Basically, a way to pre-cable the LNBs before mounting the dish and have an easy access point for cable changes, testing, etc. without having to get to the LNBs.
Anybody here use the sidingsaver dish mount bracket? As far as I can tell from the picture and installation instructions, it only uses the four corner holes on the mast, not the two center holes. Is that the case and if so, is it solid enough to not worry about mounted that way?
I only ever use the 4 corner holes to mount the mast. As long as they go into something solid you should be fine.
Sounds good to me, thanks!
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