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Follow epson setup procedure in the epson manual to set up printer.
The full manual can be found online, epson does not ship printed full manuals anymore.

At the epson website download epson-inkjet-printer-escpr_1.7.9-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb , and get
epsonscan2-bundle- .

The filenames may change at epson's website, just get the current ones they have.

Open up a new terminal.

sudo apt-get install lsb

This must be installed before our printer driver.

Go to the Download folder with your mouse , and double click on epson-inkjet-printer-escpr_1.7.9-1lsb.3.2_amd64.deb .
This will launch gdebi package installer, use it to install the printer driver.

Once gdebi is finished, close it's window.
Now we click on mint menu (where all your programs are) click on control centre (system settings) .

Go to hardware -> Printers and click on it.
Find a usb cable to plug into your printer, plug into printer and your computer.
Turn printer on.

Click on Add + , add your new printer.

Once your printer is installed , you will have EPSON-ET-2720 Series as your default printer.

Right click on EPSON-ET-2720-Series , and click on Print Test Page. Before the print test, you should have already installed the printer ink and paper from the initial epson printer setup, where the printer is configured as a network printer.

You should get a print test page in color and black and white (both on the same page).

Now that the printer is working, we will setup the scanner.

With your mouse right click on epsonscan2-bundle- and choose { Extract Here} , and unpack the file.

Open up a new terminal window and cd to the file.

Type ls , this will give you a directory listing .

You should see a blue epsonscan2-bundle- folder listed.

You may have to navigate around with the terminal, depending on where the file is on your hard disk.

To navigate in terminal , cd changes to current directory, example cd mydirname.

To leave a directory type cd .. , this will exit a directory.

Once you find the epsonscan2-bundle- folder .

Type cd epsonscan2-bundle- , this will change to the folder.
Now type ls

You should see { core plugins} listed in the dir listing.

Now we type -> sudo ./ (and hit the enter key).
Linux will ask for your password, type it and hit enter.
The computer will now install your scanner driver.
Once the scanner driver is installed, exit the terminal by typing -> exit

Log out of your current gui linux session, turn on the printer if it is not already on.
Log into your user account, with username and password, that your normally use to log into your linux computer.

In mint menu (where your programs are) , go to -> graphics -> epson scan2 {new program installed, blue scanner icon}.
Run the epson scan2 program , You can now scan stuff with the scanner.


This driver was tested on linux mint cinnamon and works well, but other linux distros based on ubuntu may have issues.

2 months ago i was running Ubuntu mate , installed this and it works, but had issues.

The driver works on install, but after you turn off the printer linux can no longer print to it.
This can be fixed by removing the printer on linux and add it back with add printer, this is a pain to do ever time you want to print.

So far on linux mint everything works well, your linux distro may or may not have issues.
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