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Info screen popup - Mediaroom bug

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Since MTS upgraded to Mediaroom version 1.6.25314.10 I've noticed a new Mediaroom bug.

The INFO menu will pop up on the TV for no reason. The INFO menu is the Program Info/Summary screen you get when you press the INFO button on the remote. You can get rid of the menu by either pressing the EXIT button or OK to "Resume play".

I've had Ultimate TV since January and never had the problem before the version update, so it's not a problem with stray signals or accidental button presses. I've seen the INFO screen pop up 2 or 3 times over the weekend when I was not using the remote and once when I was in the other room.

So far I've only seen this on recorded programs, but that's not surprising since less than 10% of my viewing is "live" TV. The last time this happened I tried to recreate the problem by rewinding the program about a minute and watching that segment again, but the INFO screen didn't pop up the second time. So it's more complicated than just a byte sequence in the data stream that is causing the popup.

This problem has also been reported in the Bell Fibe TV forum, so we know it's a software bug and not just an MTS problem. Bell has been running Mediaroom 1.6.25314 at least since it's official launch. Several people have reported the problem on both recorded and live TV.
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Thanks for the reminder 57. I had forgotten about the Bell update. I don't think any of these issues apply to me, but I do have a CFL so I'll double-check the next time this happens.
I had this happen a couple more times on a CRT. No lights on and no direct sunlight so it's not likely stray signals.

The last time it happened while I was in the other room listening to a recorded program and when I came back in the INFO screen was there. It happened to coincide with a series starting to record, so that may be a clue.
@kwk1, I've unplugged several times and that hasn't solved the problem for me. On average I have the problem about once every 5 to 10 hours of viewing time. I've also decided it has nothing to do with a series starting to record.
@kwk1, I don't want MTS to replace my PVR because I'll lose all my recordings. If you read post 1, you'll see it's a common problem. Since I also moderate the Fibe TV forum, I was surprised when I read about it there because I never had the problem. Then MTS upgraded the software...

I'll probably report it officially to MTS once I collect some stats. I decided to start tracking Nov. 1.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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