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I have a scientific Atlanta 8300 PVR connected to a Samsung flat screen TV by HDMI. The PVR goes to "boot" frequently but at irregular intervals, sometimes everyday, sometimes once a week. It often happen within a few minutes of turning off the PVR and TV. Sometimes I cannot even turn the PVR off and on using the switch on the front. Then it will suddenly turning itself on and off repeatedly, catching up the number of button presses.

1. I've tried all three HDMI TV inputs. No effect
2. It isn't the PVR. I'm on my third. No effect
3. I've used 3 different HDMI cables. No effect.
2. I have disabled the Anynet on the TV. No effect
3. When I use composite video input instead of HDMI, the problems vanish

Obvious, its the HDMI

I'd appreciate any insight as to what is causing these problems.

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It isn't the PVR. I'm on my third.
Usually when people go through several units, it's not the unit, but another issue. Have you checked your signal strength and S/N ratio?

You may wish to try a 1080i Fixed setting, if you're currently on Auto-DVI/HDMI. I know that HDMI and Samsung have a "history" especially with 480i signals...

As indicated in the following HDMI FAQ, there are many possible HDMI issues. You may wish to consider component video.
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