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So Bell lost my business years ago because they tell everyone you can be online & use your phone at the same time, yet when I tried to hook their service up in my mother's house, it wouldn't work & a supervisor told me I'd have to remove the splitter. Boy was I pissed.

That was the long start of Bell Canada showing me how inept they are.

1. First they misinformed me as to when I could get connected (hardware arrived before they flipped the switch so I thought I could hook up & I couldn't.)

2. Supervisor didn't care that I couldn't connect to the Internet & talk on the phone & didn't care that I was canceling. Showed me how poor their customer service is.

3. Once I canceled & went back to Rogers, Bell Canada kept sending me invoices every month for a year. I wasted tons of time trying to get them to stop & they wouldn't no matter who I spoke to. Not to mention they were wasting paper & their own money sending out these zero balanced invoices. Hey, who cares when you are a monopoly.

It FINALLY stopped when someone figured out I needed to speak to some elusive office in Montreal because for some reason my account was set up twice so even after they canceled one account, the other was still sending invoices.

Can you believe going through this for a year before someone has the brains to figure things out. I must have spoken to 10 people easy - including managers.

And I read on this forum that someone else had the same similar problem.

4. Then about 3 years later my partner had Bell (phone service), so I had to end up dealing with Bell again re: some problem & I took it all the way to the office of the president where 2 people there ignored my messages.

5. Now 6 years later I was just curious about their Fiber Optic service, so I checked on their website with my phone number. Their site lookup didn't work or tell me yes or no, so I wrote them.

First I get 2 e-mails (one forwarded, one not both saying the same thing) asking me for my address.

I send them the address & instead of just saying they don't have service, I get this very weird message that makes no sense to me AT ALL.

And why would they offer this new service ONLY in NB & not ON?

AND why would I have to call if she just told me there is no service LOL

I feel like I'm talking to a child. Even the grammar & spelling is sub par.

I have no idea how this company has managed to stay in business all these years with such shoddy service. Just amazing.


"Good Afternoon,

Thank you for contacting Bell Aliant. The Fibre Op service is available in some areas through out the province of New Brunswick heading into Nova Scotia. Unfortunitely we are unable to provide the service in Ontario however I would certainly give Bell Canada a call at 1-866-842-0611 to see if they provide the service in your area.
Thanks for Choosing BellAliant,
E-Contact Agent "

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Bell Aliant does not service the Windsor area. In Ontario they service the 705 (and maybe 807) area code. Her response to contact Bell Canada to see if they provide the service in your area is absolutely correct.

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The reason that both the internet and phone would not work at the same time is your location is too far from the Bell Central Office, they do not tell you that because they want your brother went through the same thing and dumped Bell for Rogers...Bell support is in line with all other technical support lines...hiring customer service agents with zero skills all to save money.
Seems there is no quality control these days and no one seems to care.
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