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Indoor AM/FM indoor antenna, steel building

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My office is located in a shopping mall made of metal (also plenty of glass). I cannot get good reception on either the AM or FM bands.
I have read the threads here and have not found a solution. I have tried several without success, including Magna Daylab St2. The antenna must be INDOORS. I am considering a loop antenna such as a Terk Advantage. I am also considering an internet radio.
I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
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There should be a couple of stations that you can pick up off the AIR.
Like Chym or Kool fm.

Anyhow, There are Hundreds of Internet Radio streams that can be heard.

Try Radio Station World ( ). RSW has links to hundreds of radio web sites. Many of these websites will have radio streams. (Note: Some of these radio websites. May have their streams ip blocked.)

Read ya l8r,
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