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Improving my GH performance near Victoria, BC?

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Nah, my interest in this bifurcated unit was only a shot in the dark, given the frustration with the tuner.

From what I understand, ganging must be done with identical antennae. And that would mean buying 2 of whatever.

I currently have a DBGH & SBGH mounted on the roof. The DBGH (with an old RS 1109 presamp) pulls in most all of the Canadian channels via Mt. Seymour. The SBGH, the same but lower signal strength. Neither one picks up US stuff except for KVOS. If one antenna is rotated to 135° then it's only a few US channels (mostly shopping and Latino) -- hardly worthwhile until a better unit turns up.

After a few years of playing (including ganging) with the GH home-builds I figured now may be the time to pick up a commercial antenna, along with a better CM7777 preamp. This commercial unit would be used mostly for the US stations, the DBGH for the Canandian.

A 4228HD(modified) was my first choice all along. But those other clones caught my attention in the meantime ..especially the bifurcated jobbee -- so tempting.

In the end I may have to thin out or consolidate my rooftop "farm" as the neighbours are starting to wince.

Thanks for the heads-up regarding these odd-ball rigs.

Too bad one can't rent any commercial units to try out -- or better still, find a local pro (on the Island) to do a location analysis similar to sat dishes :rolleyes:
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along with a better CM7777 preamp.
Thats what I would get first and try. The Radio Shack preamps are very noisy.
The newer generation tuners are better, and now you know what to look for in features, ie like an add channel option.
The cheap Zenith CECB boxes are very sensitive, so you may want to test with one of those to see if a better tuner will make a difference for your Seattle stations. They of course only output to 480p, so they would be only a test for reception ability.

Did you try the CM7777 with the DBGH ?

Have you tried moving the antenna to different locations and heights ?
It's interesting that I forward-leaned the DBGH toward the Canadian towers (direction 353°) and the reception is far better than being plumb.
Normally, a slight back lean is better.
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