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Improving my GH performance near Victoria, BC?

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Nah, my interest in this bifurcated unit was only a shot in the dark, given the frustration with the tuner.

From what I understand, ganging must be done with identical antennae. And that would mean buying 2 of whatever.

I currently have a DBGH & SBGH mounted on the roof. The DBGH (with an old RS 1109 presamp) pulls in most all of the Canadian channels via Mt. Seymour. The SBGH, the same but lower signal strength. Neither one picks up US stuff except for KVOS. If one antenna is rotated to 135° then it's only a few US channels (mostly shopping and Latino) -- hardly worthwhile until a better unit turns up.

After a few years of playing (including ganging) with the GH home-builds I figured now may be the time to pick up a commercial antenna, along with a better CM7777 preamp. This commercial unit would be used mostly for the US stations, the DBGH for the Canandian.

A 4228HD(modified) was my first choice all along. But those other clones caught my attention in the meantime ..especially the bifurcated jobbee -- so tempting.

In the end I may have to thin out or consolidate my rooftop "farm" as the neighbours are starting to wince.

Thanks for the heads-up regarding these odd-ball rigs.

Too bad one can't rent any commercial units to try out -- or better still, find a local pro (on the Island) to do a location analysis similar to sat dishes :rolleyes:
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OK, I first tried the 7777 amp and it didn't make very much difference in reception. My RS preamps at least have a gain control which works to their advantage it seems. Next was a purchase of a 4228HD (modded and combined with the 7777). It did improve on signal strength on the channels we already have. But the 4228 didn't add any more accessibility. For reception, the current homebuilt DBGH with amp was on par with the CM ;)

I may do some more mods of the 4228HD including coax baluns, etc. to see if that helps.

Frustratingly, many of the Seattle stations seem just out of reach. At times the tuner will identify them in auto-scan, but when I go to bring them up afterwards, they can't be viewed -- at any antenna(s) position. These are all digital -- which I'm only interested in.

As mentioned earlier, the Pioneer tuner does not append channels to it's primary scan. As well, it seems to be on some sort of time limiter in that it scans for a set period of time, then that's it. There is no manual channel input. Most often I don't have time to complete scanning the rotations of the 2 antennas even via the A/B switch.

So, aside from buying yet another 4228 and stacking it, perhaps another tack may be a stand alone tuner (with more sensitivity and the ability to manually add channels) will be a better bet??
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Thanks, 300ohm

?? I'm going to be in the market for a good stand-alone PVR and wonder if PVR's come with good versatile atsc tuners, preferably dual tuners :rolleyes:

Currently, the 2 antennas are separated by about 25' at the roof top (see attached). They are on an A/B switch so as not to conflict with one another.

I haven't replaced the RS preamp on my DBGH with the 7777 yet. I suspect that the only difference may be in better signal reception. I already get good strength on the RS preamp (it has a gain adjustment which makes a difference -- interestingly, the 7777 doesn't). When I turn the 4228HD to the DBGH position (with A/B switched) the resulting channel capture is the same, but with better reception strengths.

As for height adjustments, no I haven't. Our house is surrounded by tall cedars and firs, with some gaps (conveniently placed for US channels). We are also located on a 300' bluff, so add in the height of the antennas on the roof (about 25') then that's about 325' in height above the surrounding farmland.

But I may experiment by moving them later -- just don't want to damage any more roof structures until locations are permanent. The chimney was the original location before moving to the gable ends.

It's interesting that I forward-leaned the DBGH toward the Canadian towers (direction 353°) and the reception is far better than being plumb. The 4228HD is toward the US (123°~135°) but it is still plumb -- I have yet to play with its axis ..or perhaps further mod it with coax baluns :rolleyes:

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yeah, I tried that and this position proved to be the best least in that location.
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