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Well, what can I say other than, "Why didn't I get this sub when they first came out!" Wow!
Well it gives me a reason to "re-feel" some of those classic LFE movies again!

I have been looking for a new sub for a while and looked at Velodyne, Martin Logan and a few others. I ahve read reviews on SVS and thought I would check them out.

I was in the GTA and the Canadian distributer of SVS subs, Sonicboom Audio is in NewMarket so I thought I would stop by. They do mainly mail order warehousing so I was unsure what to expect when I got there. They did not have any subs hooked up for me to listen to, but they do have a 45 day demo period for returns so I was good to go.

I hummed and hawed a bit, asked some questions and they made me a really good cup of coffee. (better then Tim Horton's)
They explained all about the SVS subs and why they were great subs. I was sold so I took the plunge!
I ended up purchasing the PB12-NSD box sub for $823 CAD including taxes.

Mason threw in a nice sub cable and an SVS shirt, so I was a happy camper to say the least!

Once home, I proceeded to set it up. I ran the new cable and then calibrated the system using the Sony Digital Cinema Audio Calibration in my receiver.

First movie I put in was Titan AE. The ice field scene! So what happened next.... Being 48 years old I thought that I have had a few good to okay subs with some of the systems I have owned over the years! Was I mistaken! No booming, no distortion, just hard hitting bass that made the room and me feel the movie! As the bass started it grew and grew and I could not feel it stopping. I had a grin from ear to ear!

Next up was Master and Commander! Again, no booming or hollow sounding shots! Bang, crack, crack, wood splintering, shots firing all over and the bass hitting lower than I had ever heard in my home system. The whole place shook and you could feel it digging deep.
I tried a few more movies, Transformers, Dark Knight, and District 9. It handled them all, I was extremely pleased with my new purchase!

Next up was SACD music! I put in Dire Straits Brothers in Arms, The Police Live, Genesis Duke, Elton John Captain Fantastic and James Taylor Hourglass.
Right from the opening note on Brothers in Arms through to James Taylor awesome voice the SVS PB12 kept up and belted out the bass like I had not heard from my system before. Very tight and not flat or booming or lagging behind!

So those are my thoughts on my new sub! I forgot to add that the Sonicboom guy (Mason) stated to me, that they would not be seeing me again unless it was to purchase another SVS sub from them, as they were confident that I would not be returning it because I did not like it within the 45 day period!

They were 100% correct!
I cannot believe that this is considered SVS's entry level 12 inch sub!

Just wanted to pass along if anyone was in the market for a new sub as these are freaking monsters! Highly reccommend one of these if you are serious about your bass and home theater

Size: 18" wide x 21" high x 25" deep 74lb.
SVS built long-throw 12" NSD AL driver
Full-featured 325 watt BASH digital amp
Computer Assisted Design (CAD) enclosure
Dual CNC'd internal braces
Removeable grill with chrome mounting pins
Front-firing woofer/port for easy installs
Built-in, flush-mount amp configuration
Compliant floor mounts (six)
Patented 4" high-flow flared ports (in and out)
Heavy-duty removable 8 foot power cord
Assembled in the SVS factory, Ohio, USA
"Seamless" cabinet design
+/-3dB 18Hz-200hz anechoic extension


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Nice going on the getting the 12-incher. I myself went with the 10-incher: just couldn't handle the increased price tag on the 12, which is one sweet sub -- you're gonna have fun re-watching and re-listening to all your favourites! :D


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Thanks all, I was going to go with the 10 inch but thought about future-proofing as I will eventually move to a bigger room that this will be in.

SVS are really nice subs and I am glad that I read some of the reviews on here, as those assisted me with my decision to go with SVS.
I tried out a Martin Logan Dynamo 500 sub but it did not compare to the SVS. It was a 10 inch sub not a 12.
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