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Impending Christmas Price Wars

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I'm planning on giving my old LG EDTV 42" plasma to my father (he's 84!) and purchasing a 50" plasma unit around the $1000 mark. Something like the Samsung PN50C550 or similar. Does anyone know if the supposed coming price war will affect models like this? Will just about every panel be affected? I guess it would be best to purchase from a retailer with price protection like Costco or FS and purchase early in December to capture the Boxing Day sales period in the protection. Any thoughts on this shopping strategy? Sorry admins if this is the wrong section, it probably is.
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All worth considering. I've narrowed my choices down fairly well. Now it's just a matter of waiting to see. I'm not fussed if I miss out on $100 or $200 dollars but if something like the Panasonic G25 drops into my price range it would tick me off. At least with Costco and to some extent FS I can use the return policy if I find a better deal.
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