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IMGs won't mount in a iMac G3

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We're reviving my wife's old iMac G3 (yes, 12 years old) and want to unload it on someone else.

I upgraded it to 10.4 about 4-5 years ago before we went back to Windows. The machine has been sitting up in her parents' home for 4 years and connected occasionally via dial up.

Last year, they got broadband here and the machine DL'd and installed 10.4.12 by itself. Didn't use it much as we had 2 Win tablets to use.

So I went to install a 40GB internal I got off a Win machine to replace the OEM 10GB drive. Lo and behold, when I tried to mount any IMGs (such as SuperDuper or Carbon Copy clone), I get a device not configured error.

Looked online (not an uncommon problem and it appears that Apple has abandoned supporting those on Motorola CPUs) and found a temporary work around, such as opening a Unix terminal window (have to do this each time you want to install) and running some permissions commands, and others that did not work such a repairing permissions using DIscUtility and deleting various permissions file.

I'm not too fussed if I can unload this-machine onto someone else but do have a conscience about something that is not defective with the machine per se but with the legacy that Apple left behind with the last of the Motorola Macs.
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