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Hello all!

I've noticed some "image persistence" on my iMAC screen when I open up a White window (eg. Mac Mail, etc)

Looks like smudges of grey clouds in the upper portion of my screen.

It is not surprising given that my desktop wallpaper was a landscape one that did include some clouds up top.

What is surprising is the image persistence that is there. I removed the desktop wallpaper a couple of weeks ago and still it can be seen. I've always used a screen saver and sleep mode.

Some Troubleshooting bulletins from Apple say to set the Screen Saver to a "Just White" screen and leave it on for a substantial time. Tried that -- and it is still there. They told me to leave the computer off for a few days to "relax" the pixels. Same issue.

Called Apple Canada tonight and they told me to take it in to a Retail Store. Don't like the idea of having to lug around a 27" iMAC.

The computer is only 15 months old and I didn't purchase the extended warranty protection plan.

Anyone out there ever encounter this problem and is there a fix?

Most say that is only a temporary issue? But it's been over 2 weeks now.

Hmmmmmmmmm :mad:

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Yikes Burn in on a computer monitor. First time I`ve heard of that in years.

Hope you get it taken care of by Apple. Please update us.

Thought it was traditional burn-in but was wrong.

Here is an update I have posted onto Mac Rumours:

So, here's an update to my situation. I brought the iMAC into my Apple Store and they diagnosed it as not being image persistence but discolouration of the LED.

What is the cause I asked? The CSR couldn't say for sure but presented some interesting hypothesis (plural?) --

1. Humidity (is it a near a bathroom or kitchen sir? No and no.)

2. Liquid damage (let's be serious)

3. Excessive dust? (I have two young children and thus the house is always super clean)

Do you have Apple Protection Plan sure? No I do not.

They then presented me with a bill for ~$1000 CDN to replace the LED. Does anyone fix things these days?

My computer is 14 months old. I told them I paid over $2000 for this BEAST and you mean to tell me I am supposed to accept that is just "broke" down for reasons unknown?

I told them even if I HAD the Protection Plan I would be back in 2-3 years complaining about the same problem if it indeed from PHANTOM dust, humidity, cigarette smoke (no I do not smoke).

In the end, the manager came over and decided to replace the LED "on the house". I was very very pleased to say the least but now I am SUPER PARANOID about what caused it in the first place and how to avoid it in the future?

Something I was thinking about: the top of the unit sometimes gets pretty warm and that got me thinking about the FAN. I remember distinctively hearing it when I got the computer the first time and thought to myself, "this sounds pretty loud". Then I never did hear it?

For those out there, how often does your FAN kick in and is loud?

Is there a way to manually test it?


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You can check the speed of the fans using a widget like iStat.

There's also SMC Fan Control (albeit designed for the laptops) where you can manually set fan speeds and thresholds.

I love the display on my 27" - I sure hope mine doesn't develop that issue as I'm past the 1-year AppleCare deadline as well. $1000 for the LED?! That's crazy, but not quite as insane as the logic board ($1500). For a $2000 computer (?!)

Actually, just looked at AppleComponents .com and they list the replacement LED/LCD at $699, which seems more reasonable. And replacement involves two suction cups to lift the glass and then eight screws - 10 minutes max. when you know what you're doing.
Just installed SMC Fan Control.

I'm encoding an HD movie via Handbrake and I finally heard the Fan turn on.

The lower half of the iMAC is warm but the upper half is very very warm.

SMC Fan Control is showing 60'C and 998 RPM

Is this within normal ranges?

I always speculate that my original "smokey screen" issue was because of heat buildup.

The spot where it occurred on my screen is where the back panel is hottest.

Any connection?

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I've seen image persistence on many of LCDs, but unlike your experience it goes away quickly, especially if you do the things you described (e.g. "white screen").

I wonder if some panel types (TN, IPS, PVA, etc) experience it more severely than others.
It's not Image Persistence at all....My original post was titled Image Persistence but that is what I thought I had. It's more commonly referred to as "Smokey Screen" or "iMac Black Smudges".

Take a look at the attached photo and you'll see what I am referring to.
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