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Bought an iMac at FS yesterday and then got to thinking about it regard iLife which just came out in '11 version. It hasn't been out that long but the box doesn't say which version it is. I know upgrades are available for less than $10 but you need to order it and wait for the DVD.

So I'm wondering if FS had this thing sitting around and selling old stock or if they have high turnover of stock. I'm a little miffed that the box doesn't indicate the version but I'll be even more miffed if I get the one with '09.

My point is that why should I get a computer with an older version, particularly when FS doesn't actually give out any deals on Macs, in which case a big savings would be worth the effort.

I haven't opened the box yet because I'm going out-of-town for a few days. Anyone have experience with this regarding FS stocking practices or if there is any way to tell the version via serial number or something?
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