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I've got dimensional conflicts I'm dealing with now.

The conflict is seating position vs. riser depth vs. projector location vs. screen size.

- My room has a depth(length) of 17.5 ft.
- The projector I'm most likely going with is the Epson 8700UB (also considered Epson 8350/9350 and Panny PT-4000AE).
- Practical screen size is likely in the 92-103 inch range.
- 1st row central seating position is likely ~ 10 ft from screen.
- 2nd row seating position up on riser is likely ~ 16ft from screen.
- Riser is likely going to be ~10-12 inches high and 5-6 ft deep from the back wall.

Playing with the projector calculator (on projector central) it seems like I will in fact have a conflict where the "ideal" projector location will be right smack above the aisle way on the riser. (Hence the possible bump your head hazard that was mentioned on the previous page).

I can try minimizing the height of the riser, but I don't think it should be any less than 10inch tall. I can reduce the planned riser depth to 5ft if necessary (down from 6ft).

I have no idea what home theater seating I will have. The room width is 11'-3", so I'm fairly certain I can still get seating for four across the back wall. But there will be steps on either side of the riser, so people in the middle two seats can part ways and exit on their own side.

Room is already framed and electrical and low voltage pre-wire is already complete. (Riser won't be built until post-drywall).

What would you guys do in my situation?
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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