We all continue to have cell phone billing issues with our carrier, right? Would you pay for a monthly service that provides you with protection from invoice errors? What if it costs $1 a month?

Conceived by Tim Donnelly, a 20-year document/data management consultant, Aria empowers Canadians in three ways. First, the service analyzes historical cell phone usage to detect any possible errors on a bill. It also determines adjustments that can add value to an existing cell phone plan. Aria also helps sift through new plans by all mobile phone carriers and ranks them for you.

Donnelly, who came up with the idea from data mining and business intelligence projects, notes, "clarity leads to understanding; understanding leads to choice; choice awards control to save money."

"Typically, my work has focused on delivering clarity and control to large corporations. Aria shifts this paradigm, focusing technology to deliver clarity and control to Canadians. It is time for someone to lead us out of the wilderness - this is Aria," Donnelly added.

Donnelly will turn to a crowd funding platform entitled "Quest for Clarity" to generate financial support and further interest in Aria.

Visit http://www.myaria.ca to learn more.

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