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I have my own Security Camera system in my home. It has the option of outputting to Analogue Channel 3 or 4 on my Cable TV to be able to pick it up by a TV or record to a VCR/DVD-R.

I remember about a year ago, I had connected to my old TV in such a way where it was TV Outlet - > DVD Recorder - > Rogers Cable Box - > Coax input on back of TV.

I was able to turn the box to a channel, like 803 or 804, and it would pick up what was being outputted by the DVD Recorder. I also had the flexibility of still being able to tune the rest of my channels digitally on my STB.

Now all I want to do is use the same method, but tune to channel 803 or 804 to see whats on the Security Camera, but for some reason, the STB won't tune to that channel any more, even with my old DVD Recorder hooked up.

Did Roger's recently disable the Analogue tuner inside the STB? The only way that could explain this is if the Analogue Tuning is provisioned by the head end? that would suck and now I would have to run AV RCA Cables to each and every tv and tune them to Video2 just to watch the security camera..

:sad face:
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