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Polk speakers have long been Future Shop's turf but it seems like this might now be turned around. Polk products have been getting rare at FS in the past year and they also introduced the Martin Logan line in their store.

Could the below announcement be the reason why FS doesn't seem to carry Polk speakers any longer? IMHO, FS and BB always tried to avoid carrying the same products here in Canada since they are sister company.
"This opportunity with Best Buy greatly expands the market presence of Polk's marquee brand through one of the most exciting retailers in the history of home entertainment," Minarik said.

"This expansion also complements our existing product offerings at Best Buy and strengthens our leading position in the home audio market."
I've checked on the *********** site and yet they only offer the Hitmaster and with the new upcoming Polk products I guess BB might be waitng for them to be available before introducing Polk to Canadians any further? So Polk Canucks, don't forget to check your BB once in a while to see what is going on with Polk.

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