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i have a htr 6080 and i recently i did a speaker auto setup with the optimizer mic. after the setup was done it did not give me any error message but now my surround speakers do not work anymore.Also the volume can only be changed in a very small range(between-80db and +8db there is only a small diffence on the volume).
I also recently bought a universal remote because my receiver's remote doesn't work anymore. By reading the manual after the setup i realized that iam suppose to put the remote on "amp" wich is not possible to set on a universal remote control.
Could that be the problem?:confused:
- I have a logitech 650 remote control
-everything was working properly before the auto set up so there is nothing wrong with the wiring.
-it shows on the receiver's display that the surround speakers should be working.

thanks alot for you're help...

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Sounds like something went wrong or an incorrect button was pressed (midnight mode?). Suggest you reset the AVR to the default position - usually outlined in the Operating Manual.

I'll let others discuss the Harmony, however, it can be programmed to do anything the AVR remote can do, either with the pre-programmed buttons (perhaps buttons that you need to drill down a few pages on the screen for) or via the learn function of the Harmony remote.

Of course to get sound from the surround speakers, the AVR must either receive a DD/DTS5.1 or similar surround sound signal, or you must invoke the correct sound mode - say Dolby Pro Logic II for any incoming 2 channel signals. Have you run the test tone?

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