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My topic spans two different forums, but I think this is the right place to post it.. :p

First, a bit of background.

I have been a MythTV user for many years now. I am not particularly technical, but I have been able to keep things working with just the occasional assistance from a Linux-savvy friend. By and large, I am happy with the product. Here is what I like about MythTV:
  • the price (free)
  • the power/functionality of the software
  • the flexibility to use various types of hardware
  • the ability to view recorded content on other PC's on the network
  • the ability to play other downloaded content- avi's, etc.

Generally, my wife and kids watch recorded/downloaded content on one of the household televisions, and I watch on my computer.

I am hooked up to Shaw (non digital) cable, so at the present time, I am limited to non HD content.

I am very interested in the Telus OptikTV, as it seems to offer a good value, plus I should be able to improve my existing ADSL data bandwidth.

So here is what I am wondering about.

It is a good idea to set up MythTV to record from OptikTV? I haven't seen any specific postings on this topic, but I surmise that it should be possible using various IR blasters, etc. The challenge, however, would be recording the content in HD.

If I decide to go exclusively with OptikTV, is it possible to view any of the recorded content on a PC device? It would seem to me that since OptikTV is essentially an industrial strength version of Windows Media Centre, this should not be a big deal. I have read one or two posts that have said that this is a feature that Telus has chosen NOT to implement at this time. However, there are a couple of posts that suggest that an XBox can be used to be a media server, accessing the Telus PVR.

Any comments are appreciated!

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I don't know about Optik, since I live in Ontario, but continuing to use PVR software like MythTV will give you far more flxeibility as you control everything without any DRM or restrictions. It should be very possible to use MythTV with Optik since that is no different than using cable or satellite boxes - you plug the output from the Optik box into your tuner and use IR or firewire to change channel.

HD would be possible using Hauppage HD-PVR or Colussus tuning devices. These are more expensive, from about $150-$200 but I am pretty sure MythTV supports the HD-PVR, the Colossus is brand new so support will likely come in time. I use SageTV with two HD-PVRs to record content from HD cable boxes. You don't mention where you live but another option is an OTA tuner card if your have any OTA HD channels in your area - this is best if you can receive US networks as we can here in southern Ontario.
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