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I see SIP Broker and ENUM mentioned very rarely in this forum, so I thought I would mention them.

Wouldn't it be great if your friends who didn't even use VoIP could call you, and neither of you would pay a penny? Guess what: they can.

The way you can do that is via a SIP Broker access number. There are many access numbers in many countries, sponsored by various VoIP providers. Here's the list:

There are two ways to do it. Some VoIP providers have a SIP-Code. Here is a list of them:

To call a user on a VoIP provider that has a SIP-Code, dial the access number, dial the SIP-Code, and dial the user's number. For example, the SIP-Code for is *9780. So if I wanted to reach a user at (555) 666-7890, and I was in Argentina, I could dial: 54-291-4850425 + *9780 + 5556667890.

There's another way to do it that eliminates the need for a SIP-Code, and that is by registering your number with is a public ENUM database, and it allows you to map your phone number to a SIP URI.

The first thing you need to do is get a SIP URI. Many VoIP providers will issue one to you. A SIP URI looks like an email address, and allows you to call another VoIP user over the internet.

Just sign up with and add your number. You'll need to accept a short verification call to prove you own that number. When someone calls you via SIP Broker, SIP Broker will query to see if your number is there. If it is, it'll route the call to your SIP URI.

Just give your friends the list of SIP Broker access numbers. They can call an access number local to them, dial your phone number, (no SIP-Code necessary if you registered with and talk to you, absolutely free.

And if you already have an listing, why not give it a test run right now and make sure it's still up to date?

Mango :cool:
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