Telus, Shaw Direct and Rogers have all announced they will broadcast the final two games of the 2010 World Cup Soccer Championship in side-by-side 3D.

The 3D match for third place will air on Saturday, July 10 at 2:30 pm ET while the championship match airs on Sunday, July 11 at 2:30 pm ET.

Here are the five things you must have in order to watch the FIFA World Cup 3D broadcasts,
  1. A 3D Ready television set to 3D Side by Side format
  2. On pair of LCD shutter glasses compatible with your 3D-ready TV for each viewer
  3. An HDMI connection between your set top box and your television
  4. Compatible HD Cable / IPTV or satellite receiver (for Rogers that would include the Cisco/SA Explorer 4250HD, Pace 551HD, Explorer 8300HD and Explorer 8642HD)
  5. Programming subscription with cable / satellite or IPTV provider.

Many Digital Home readers have been asking us if they will be able to watch 3D broadcasts on their existing HDTV using 3D glasses from the past. The answer is no.

The reason a traditional HD set and glasses cannot be used is the 3D broadcasts are encoded in a new 3DTV format which can only be decoded and viewed with the latest 3D ready televisions and active shutter glasses.

The new format, called side-by-side 3D, was developed for broadcasting 3D television shows and is not the same as the 3D format to be used for Blu-ray 3D. Simply speaking side-by-side 3D presents two images on the screen, one for each eye and then uses electronic algorithms and the rapid opening and shutting of shutters on the LCD glasses to transform the image into 3D for the viewer. If you don't have a 3D TV and necessary eyewear, the image will just look like two fuzzy side-by-side squished pictures on a single channel.

For the lucky few that have a 3D ready set and the proper glasses, you also need to ensure your set top box is hooked up to your television via HDMI, component cables will not work. Consult your set top box and television manual for instructions on to hook up an HDMI connection.

Finally, you will need a programming subscription from your cable, satellite or IPTV provider.

If you have all that then its time to tune into providers 3D channel. On Rogers in Ontario, it will be channel 900 while on Shaw Direct it will be channel 233 or 333. For other providers, check your electronic program guide.

Enjoy the show.

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