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How To Watch Netflix UK on ROKU with Canadian Netflix Account

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This may help anyone with a Canadian registered ROKU and Netflix account to access the Netflix catalogue in another country.

My Netflix account was set up in Canada using a Canadian credit card and my correct Canadian billing address, and my ROKU account was activated in Canada using all my Canadian data.

Everything I've read says that when you log into a Canadian registered Netflix account from ROKU, it locks you into their Canada catalogue. I got around this on one of my computers by setting's DNS numbers as the local DNS in my network adapter settings. To get Overplay to allow you to fake that you're in a different country, you set the country from the site, shut down your browser for 30 seconds. When you restart it, your local DNS makes it look like you're in whichever country you set the browser to before you shut it down. ( gives you a choice of 48 countries from which you can fake your location.)

But you can't set local DNS settings on the ROKU, and I wanted to watch movies on my HT setup with a 60 inch plasma and high quality speakers.

I've been watching Breaking Bad Season 5 on my computer from the UK's Netflix site since I'd never been able to open the UK catalogue on my ROKU (Breaking Bad Season 5 is not in Canada or the US yet . . . ). Last night I got tired part way through an episode, paused Netflix, and went to bed.

This morning when I turned on the TV monitor, it opened where it left off last night - on ROKU where my daughter had watched a movie on Netflix Canada. But the "latest watched" row in the Netflix display showed Breaking Bad Season 5. This meant it had to be the UK catalogue. I clicked on it and the ROKU opened on the half finished Season 5 episode I'd been watching on my computer last night.

I don't know whether resetting the country from resets the local DNS for the entire network, or pausing a Netflix movie may be a way to force Netflix to open in the country in which you were last connected. Anyway, whichever it is, it provides a way to use your Canadian registered ROKU and Canadian Netflix account to access the Netflix catalogue in another country.
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If you change DNS setting on your router it won't be reflected on your ROKU?
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