Is your iPhone Siri-enabled? Do you likely keep a lot of personal data on it, like your name, phone number, birth date, email, photo and address?

According to a recent report on, even if your phone is locked- as most are these days-when enabled, Siri bypasses this and provides detailed information and other functions. has provided Siri commands that are sensitive, and their results:
  • “what’s my name” — Displays and verbalizes the first and last name assigned to phone’s “My Info” selection under Siri settings.
  • “text name/number <message>” – Sends a text with the message to the contact Name or number you specify
  • “call name/number” – Calls the contact Name or number you specify
  • “post Facebook status <message>” – Posts the message to the phone’s authenticated Facebook account
  • “what’s my location” – Shows map and verbalizes current location
  • “<first name>” – Shows full contact details from Contacts that match the name spoken
  • “what’s my email address” — Displays and verbalizes the email address assigned to “My Info” selection under Siri settings
  • “wake me up at 3AM tomorrow” – Enables an alarm for the specified time
  • “cancel my alarm at 3AM” – Disables an alarm for the specified time
  • “create event/reminder/entry/appointment for <date/time>” – Creates a calendar entry
  • “show me <date/timeframe> schedule” – Displays the calendar entries for the dates or timeframes specified
  • “remove event/reminder/entry/appoint from calendar on <date/time>” – Removes the calendar entry for the specified date and time

What to do? It would be good if Apple could produce some voice-recognition security.

Until then, if you use Siri regularly, it’s advised that you disable Siri on the lock screen.

This can be done through the Settings menu. Access Touch ID & Passcode > Siri. From there, Siri can be disabled if the device itself is locked.

In general, turn your personal assistant off as needed- don’t leave it on all the time. You never know where you might misplace your phone.