That old cellphone with a cracked screen and your ancient laptop can now have a new life.

You probably have an old cell phone, or two or three or four, hanging around your home. You might also have multiple old laptops, printer cartridges and more, when it comes to electronics.

Where to put it all? Somehow, for most of us it doesn’t feel right throwing these things in the garbage.

There are so many usable parts, and sending them to landfill just adds pollutants to the soil and water.

So, how can you recycle them?

When it comes to cell phones, Recycle My Cell is one of the largest programs out there in Canada. It’s a national industry initiative led by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA).

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The free service operates along with its members, who are major wireless manufacturers and service providers in Canada.

Locate a drop-off location near you -there are thousands across Canada- and know that your items are being taken care of responsibly.

If you can’t find a location that works for you, you can mail your mobile device in by using a pre-paid shipping label, available here .

Trade In Programs

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Trading in is always a great option. You can upgrade to a newer edition and know your old device is in good hands. Consider the following major programs:

Bell Trade In program

Eastlink Trade Up program


Sasktel Upgrade Your Way

Tbaytel Recycle

Videotron Recycle

Virgin Mobile Trade In

Recycle Laptops and Other Electronics

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As for recycling electronic items in general, apart from just phones, Global Electric Electronics Processing (GEEP) is a company based in Barrie that does the job.

GEEP has drop off locations in Barrie Ontario, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, as well as in the US, and Costa Rica.

And if you really want to double your green points when recycling electronics, help out David Suzuki by choosing Think Recycle .

Think Recycle is an environmental fundraising program that helps the David Suzuki Foundation raise funds by collecting unwanted electronics. It takes cellphones, print cartridges, laptops, tablets and digital cameras, and disposes of them responsibly through refurbishment, recycle and reuse.

Your junk drawer can now free itself up for more elastic bands, twist ties, nuts and bolts- just in time for spring.