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how to make plasma-"vivid settings"

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Hello, came across this forum googling a problem for a friend. Not sure it I'm in the right section. He came across this blog a few months ago that told him how to change his plasma to vivid settings, but forgot to book mark it.(lol) For some reason the settings changed on his TV. He has a Panasonic,HDplasma, 42 inch vierra TC G10. Can anybody help me find the proper settings for his tv.
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He just said it looked "awesome" on his TV. and wanted to try it again, I'll warn him about the "life" of the tv.

Or is there any other settings that would have a similar effect.
Like I said, its not my TV, don't need the insults. Just trying to help out a friend, its a few years old, so not sure it has a vivid mode.
I just talked to my friend this morning. and after telling him what vivid mode could to his TV, he changed his mind and just wants to know the best settings, cause he thought movie mode was kind of dark on his tv. its in a small living room with a big front window, so lots of light.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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