Microsoft's new gaming app has joined the field, giving gamers more options.

If you’re into live streaming your video games from your phone or another portable device, you’re well aware that Twitch, YouTube Gaming Live, Periscope and Facebook Live have been in the business of providing live streaming service for a while. Microsoft isn’t venturing into uncharted territory with its new app.

It is, however, bringing more competition to the landscape and offering gamers another way to broadcast the games they’re playing on their phone, share the excitement and let others get in on their strategies.

Here’s what you can do with Mixer Create:

1) Broadcast Your Game

Mixer Create allows you to broadcast any game you’re playing on your phone, if you’re using an Android smartphone. If you got an iOS based phone, it works with only a selection of games, with many of the best available. Those that have chosen to enable “ReplayKit” functionality will work.

2) Interact With Viewers on Chat

According to Microsoft, when you’re broadcasting you’ll have full access to your channel’s chat, just as you would on PC or Xbox One. If you want to stream from another device but use your phone to chat only, you can use the Chat Companion feature, while streaming from your Xbox One or PC.

3) Manage Your Settings

If you want to edit your profile and manage your settings without returning to your PC, you can do it with Mixer Create. Update while riding the bus, eating lunch or waiting for the movie to start.

4) Vlog Yourself in Real Time

You can vlog yourself live from anywhere in real-time with this app. Let everyone know what you’re seeing and doing as you do it!

5) Co-Stream With Others

You can co-stream with up to 4 other streamers and combine it into a single viewing experience. Other streamers can invite you to join their co-stream, with invitations that pop up within the app. Discover more and share more.

Download Mixer Create on the Android App Store or the iOS App Store.