Digital dangers exist. Here's how to keep your kids out of harm's way.


Maybe you just had a child, or maybe your kids have finally gotten to the age where they really get into everything. Like, EVERYthing. Toothpaste, corn oil, your collection of vintage bottle caps, and all the content available via your phone- they’re diving right in.

How can you keep your kids safe? Whether they’re accessing unsuitable websites, photos or other content on your iPhone (or even your iPad), there are tools to help you out.

Control how and when your kids use your electronic devices with these 4 easy steps:

1) Restrict Access Online

If you want to let your kids use some websites on your device but your worried about them accessing sketchy ones, get specific. Be the gate keeper: you can choose the content you will allow them to access.

Here’s how:

-Open your device and go to Settings > General > Restrictions
-Tap on Enable Restrictions and create a password.
-Choose which apps you want to disable, and prevent your child from accessing.
-Scroll down to Allowed Content.
-Choose which URLs you will allow your child to access, and what you want to lock them out of.

2) Restrict How They Use Apps

Is your child opening Facebook and commenting on your friend's photos- at the age of three? Follow these instructions to restrict how your kids can use the apps on your iPhone or iPad.

You can use the Guided Access feature on your device to do this.

- Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.
- Turn on Guided Access and set a password for it or a TouchID fingerprint
- Turn on Accessibility
- Open the App you want your child to use
- Triple-tap the home button
- Use Guided Access to draw an outline around the area(s) of the screen in the app that you don’t want your kid to be able to access.

Your device will remember what you outlined as a no-go area, for next time.

3) Use Parental Control Software

If you’d like extra protection, check out parental control software as an option. has a review of some of the best out there.

Some software filters what content your child can access, as well as how much time they can use the device for. Remote management for you is also available, as well as real-time notification if restrictions are breached.

4) Invest in a Device for Kids Only

It could be that putting a ton of restrictions on your own phone or tablet is annoying. If you find yourself in this camp, think of investing a little (or a lot, your choice) of money in a tablet or  phone just for kids. There are many devices out there, and it can possibly make monitoring easier.

In the age of  cyber bullying , kids who wrack up your credit card charges on a phone when mom’s asleep and other incredible events, having some digital peace of mind counts.

Check out for further tips on keeping your kids safe online.