No one is wishing for slow Internet service, unless maybe you're paid to search by the hour.

How can you get the fastest Internet Canada has to offer? Read on.

Many elements come into play for fast Internet. Where you live counts, as well as who your service provider is.

But here's the solid truth: if you really, truly need the fastest Internet available in the country and you don’t live on the east coast... you’ll have to move. has a great study on this. The website has conducted a study two years in a row now that tests Internet speeds all across the country. Readers use the site’s speed test to gauge their own download and upload speeds, and the minds at chart it out .

The Results

So how does everyone stack up? The east coast’s Bell Aliant has come out on top both years. The company’s ISP came out at an average of 81.8 Mbps, far faster than Telus who solidly owned the slowest Internet service in Canada with a measly 17.7 Mbps.

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New Brunswick has the fastest Internet in Canada, followed by Newfoundland and Labrador.  The winners of the slowest speeds go to our friends in B.C. (Hey, you get amazing mountains, so please don't complain).

Curious about your own Internet? Test your speed to see where you rank. Even in the U.S , in general Internet speeds are fastest on the east coast and slowest on the west.

The Fastest Companies/Province

As far as companies are concerned, outside of New Brunswick, the fastest service provider isn’t always Bell. Here’s PCMag’s list of fastest service providers in 8 provinces:
  • New Brunswick: Bell Aliant—107.3
  • Nova Scotia: Bell Aliant—81.0
  • Ontario: Rogers—55.8
  • Quebec: Bell Canada—38.8
  • Saskatchewan: SaskTel—12.1
  • Alberta: Shaw—21.8
  • Manitoba: Shaw—27.7
  • British Columbia: Telus—18.4

P.E.I, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Nunavut didn’t make the list because readers in these areas didn’t test their speeds using the online test provided.

Curious for more? Aside from moving or changing your service provider, check out these simple tips for speeding up your service.

And for the absolute fastest Internet speeds in the whole world, head to South Korea .