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How do I find out what actual screen res I'm getting through my cable
supplier? I keep hearing cable and satellite companies down-convert 1080i to
720p. How can I tell which res I'm getting on a particular program?

I have a Samsung 52" 750b, Motorola DCT3416 Series 1, Shaw.


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Here's the FAQ on the topic:

The TV will only tell you what it's receiving, not what the STB is doing, which you can alter. If the STB can be set to "native/passthrough" then the signal will be passed to the TV and the "info/display/recall or similar" button on the TV remote will display the signal coming to the TV.

The diagnostics of some STBs show the incoming signal.

Who is your service provider and what is the STB you're using - good information to have under your location? If you have a Motorola, perhaps the information is in the diagnostics - not sure, see below:
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