I don’t have one but could probably use one. A Fitbit-the little gadgets that let you track how much you sleep, eat, walk and move. They sound very useful.

With New Year’s resolutions and good intentions gathering in full swing, it can be good to know how to get the most out of your Fitbit, if you do have one. (And it looks like many do, as the Fitbit app was a top seller in Apple’s App Store on Christmas day).

In order to make the most of your gadgets, including Charge, Charge HR, Flex and Surge, here is a summary from Time.com to help you customize and simplify your experience, making everything a tad more useful than it already is.

1) Connect to Third Party Apps

Fitbit can analyze your life very well on its own, but it can also be useful to connect with other, third party apps to get that truly in-depth look. According to Time.com, Fitbit’s products are currently compatible with more than 30 apps including Strava, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and FitStar Yoga. By connecting, you will get credit for any activity you’ve logged into these apps within Fitbit. Click here for general setup.

2) Adjust How Sensitive Your Fitbit Is

If you feel that you are moving more than your gadget is recognizing, (or less,) you can adjust the “Dominant Hand” option in the settings menu. Toggling between ‘Dominant’ and ‘Non-dominant’ can make your Fitbit less or more sensitive to your steps, for better accuracy and honesty. Tap on your device in the Fitbit app’s dashboard and then tap “Wrist” to adjust this setting.

3) Set a Custom Heart Rate Zone

Fitbit comes with preset heart rate zones to measure the intensity of your workout while you’re in it. If you are trying to reach a certain zone consistently, you can choose to set your own limits within the app, customizing your boundaries. This can help you zone in on specific goals more accurately.

4) See the Time Without Pressing Anything

You can see the time on your Fitbit by simply turning your wrist toward you. The feature is called Quick View. To set this up, go to Settings and click on Devices in your Fitbit app’s dashboard. Let the turning begin.

5) Get Notifications From Your Smartphone

It’s not for Flex, but if you’re using a Charge, Charge HR or Surge, you can view incoming notifications from your phone on your wrist. To set this up open the Fitbit app, tap the wristband synched with your phone, and choose “Notifications”.