While Canadians are considered among the highest technology adopters worldwide, recent research by Rogers shows that their tech savviness isn't all that it should be.

Rogers teamed with Head Research to survey 1001 Canadians about things like roaming charges, data usage and online security and found that many Canadians would fail a test just on the basics.

While 60 percent give themselves a "B" or higher for tech savviness, 57 percent of those surveyed failed the test. In fact, just four percent actually earned a "B" grade.

While most Canadians know that roaming means using another carrier's mobile network, almost half don't understand how it works.

Consumers believe that if they're not talking on their cellphones, there shouldn't be any roaming charges; they fail to realize that roaming also applies to voice calls, sending or receiving text messages, using wireless Internet to go online to browse or sending and receiving email.

Similarly, calculating how much data is used or how wireless carriers determine the cost, stumped most of the survey group.

However, most get that streaming 1,000 minutes of video on a mobile device means getting a big bill.

Not surprisingly, most Canadians would opt to have their wireless carriers halt their data use abroad when a $50 ceiling is reached.

To help improve your understanding of wireless technology and mobile phone plans, a step 87 percent of those surveyed would like to take, the Roger's Tech Essentials portal is worth a visit.

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