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$78.95 - Basic Cable & High Speed
$16.00 - HD Plus
($5.00) - Purchased Modem Discount
$89.95 - Total before taxes

I don't understand why I pay so much, because I have friends that pay about $10 less and they get more channels (I only get the basic chanels up to 28, and then the HD Plus; they get all the 30's-50's as well), and they have a phone. I called to say that TELUS offered me $15/month for the first year of TV, and another $15/month for the first year of internet. Shaw didn't bite though. They just said I had the best they could offer me.

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$ 36.95 - Basic Cable
$ 12.00 - HD Plus (grandfathered)
$ 37.00 - High-speed Internet (net of $5.00 purchased modem & $10.00 triple play discounts)
$ 26.90 - Home Phone Basic (net of $10.00 triple play discount plus $5.95 voice mail)
$112.85 - Total before taxes
$ 13.54 - HST (12%)
$126.39 - Grand Total

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I am on a 12 month triple play offer...but this is what I have currently;

Basic, Tiers 1,2,3 with HD Plus
Extreme Internet
Basic Phone
$84.95 per month

Added Timeshifting and a 7 pack.... total bill $96.85 plus taxes.

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copy and pasted from my last bill:
Current Monthly Services (01-Apr-11 to 30-Apr-11)
Triple Play Discount
Basic Cable
Movie Central (4 Services)
HD Plus Package
Purchased Modem Discount
High-Speed Internet
Home Phone Voicemail and Call Waiting
Home Phone Basic
Total Current Monthly Services
Home Phone Basic Promotion (expires 30-Jun-11)
Total Promotions
Total before stupid HST+ $127.85

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Shaw bundle but has a difference. I live in a Bare Land Strata complex.
I own the house and land but it's within a strata complex. The complex has a
contract with Shaw where we get a full digital package for about $46/month.
I believe the Full Digital is about $61/month normally. With that is the small
digital box ($78) for free.

To that I added the Full HDTV package including Movie Central. (Can't
remember what it's called back east) Because I came from Bell ExpressVu
they gave me a 3416 HDTV PVR for free.

I have Shaw Extreme 15mbps Internet plus a basic Shaw phone.

Including the $46 in my strata fees my total is about $190/month after tax.


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I had Basic, Tiers 1,2,3 with HD Plus
Extreme Internet
Basic Phone
$84.95 per month + TAX

After discounts it jumped to $150 a month, so I dropped digital phone went to Digital basic and HDPLUS with HSI. Now pay $89.95 before tax.

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Next Month as of April 1st:
Classic Cable .... Included in Condo Common Elements Expense
HD Plus (Grandfathered) .... $12
Extreme Internet ..... $19.95
Pre-tax Total ..... $31.95
Note: I subscribed to SuperChannel and Movie Central for several days this month.

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I am currently on a 12 month promo with Shaw in Thunder Bay.
I receive my home phone with 4 cent a minute long distance, high speed internet, digital basic cable and the HD channels (HD plus), we also get free rental of a dual tuner HD PVR
My total bill for all 3 services is $61 a month
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