Do you check your mobile phone before brushing your teeth in the morning? And do you go to bed with your smartphone by your side?

Evidently, if you answered yes, you fit right in with the majority of Canadians according to the latest Rogers Innovation Report.

Just over half of Canadians say they sleep with their smartphone next to them and check it before brushing their teeth in the morning.

About 82 percent use their phones in the bathroom and two thirds admit that they must have their smartphones, and Internet access, constantly available.

The stressed-out condition caused by being without mobile-phone contact is referred to as nomophobia, and admittedly most Canadians have it.

"Consumers are absolutely passionate about their online connections. And, that's only expected to increase as technology advances," said Reade Barber, Vice President, Mobile and Fixed Internet at Rogers Communications.

Of the 1,040 Canadian smartphone or tablet users surveyed, 80 percent believe people will choose their wireless device to go online versus their desktop computer.

Also, 65 percent expect to have seamless wireless connections within the next five years enabling them to go from room to room without missing a second of a TV show, movie or game.

By 2017, nearly half expect to save at least two hours a day by using faster home and mobile Internet.

By combining cloud computing services with the faster mobile networks, more Canadians will be working from home, according to two third of the respondents.

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