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This isn't a hidden secret. with iOS 4.3 this has been a know feature and covered in many blogs for months now.

However, with that said... if this process does not work for you contact your wireless provider, chances are that your wireless provider has changed the APN network settings in your iPhone to an address that is for Tethering.

Keep an eye on your first bill after pairing your iPhone with you iPad to make sure it is not showing up as a Tether charge. It's been seen before with these "Mobile Hotspots" and bills have reached the $$$$ as a result. Our Canadian wireless providers have been know for sneaking in this kind of stuff all the time.

eg. Did you know that with the new Bell Mobility BlackBerry data plans that include Tethering, only 10% of you device data plan can be used for tethering (500mb data plan = 50mb of tethering) before you will be billed $0.06 per mb of tether use? I have the bill to prove it. (I used 150mb Tethering to my MacBook and had to pay $6.00 more in Data fee)

All I am saying is use at your own risk till someone can report on how it is billed usage wise.
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