Are you using Facebook’s Moments application? You may be surprised to learn just how it works, here in Canada.

Introduced back in of 2015[/URL] , Moments allows you to easily and quickly share photos taken of your friends with those very people.

Traditionally, the app uses facial recognition technology to identify who’s who, and it groups photos based on when and where they were taken. The app is available from the Apple App store and Google Play in countries worldwide, but it turns out, not all locations are using the same version of Moments.

According to, users in Canada and the European Union are operating Moments minus facial recognition technology.

The technology violates Canadian privacy laws and regulations and so we can’t have it here.

In its place, Moments is using object recognition technology to suggest who people might be.

This uses features like the distance between your eyes, or your nose and ears to determine who might be present in a given photo. The altered version of Moments can suggest who might be in a photo to users, but by law, it can’t automatically identify who someone is.

Concerned? In practice, it doesn’t sound all that different from the facial recognition technology in use in the original release of Moments.

The modified version of Moments is available on iOS and Android in Canada and the EU, exclusively.