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HOw do I hook up the Directv box to my Yamaha HTR 6050?

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Facing some difficulties on getting my directv box connected (and working!) using my Yamaha receiver HTR6050. It is hooked up to the monitor thru a HDMI cable. Now I want to know what's the best way to connect the directv on it.
Could anybody recommend me the best configuration to do it?
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I looked at the specs of the Yamaha HTR6050 and it doesn't appear to accept HDMI audio, so you'll need to connect the STB directly to the TV via component video or HDMI and then connect audio (coaxial or optical) directly from the STB to the AVR. Of course the settings in the STB (for audio output) and the AVR (for input) need to be correct.

Here's the FAQ on Cables & Connections:

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