Bell announced today that it has officially become Canada’s number one TV provider, outpacing rival Rogers on the home entertainment front. Bell has surpassed 2.7 million TV customers, with Fibe TV now being the first choice for Canadian consumers.

Coupled with Bell's longstanding leadership in communications research & development, the broadband Fibe and Atlantic Canada FibreOP networks are now key leaders.

How was it done? Product innovation has been instrumental in recruiting and maintaining Bell’s client base. As an example, the company recently announced the availability of the new Restart feature on Fibe TV, which allows viewers to start live TV shows already in progress from the beginning. Adding to its possibilities, Restart has now been enhanced to let viewers go back in time to watch shows that have aired in the previous 30 hours.

Bell’s GO video streaming service is also a draw for viewers. In addition to current offerings, Bell Media has announced that CraveTV on-demand video streaming service will be available direct to all Canadian consumers with Internet access in January 2016.

"Canadian television is a competitive and fast-changing sector and Bell is embracing the challenge and the opportunity with the best viewing options across every platform…” said Rizwan Jamal, President of Bell Residential and Small Business. "We're dedicated to delivering Canada's best TV experience with unmatched flexibility and convenience for consumers."

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