by Christina Peden

Honeywell this week launched their latest innovation — the Lyric smart thermostat , designed to make managing the temperature in your home easier than ever.

An obvious competitor to Google's Nest Learning Thermostat , the Lyric uses your smartphone location to determine when you’re at home and when you’re away. With the geofencing feature, the Lyric automatically goes into energy saving mode when the house is empty. It’s also able to tell when you’re nearing home and heats or cools the house to prepare for your arrival.

Unique to Honeywell’s smart thermostat is the ‘Fine Tune’ feature, which factors indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and weather into its algorithm and automatically adjusts the temperature of your home based on these factors. The thermostat can also be controlled through its accompanying app.

Less technologically-savvy family members need not worry — the Lyric  can still be adjusted manually using Honeywell’s familiar round dial control on the thermostat itself.

"Most people don’t have a predictable pattern to how they live their lives; why not have a thermostat that adjusts based on your real-time schedule?" remarked Beth Wozniak, president of Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls. "With the Lyric thermostat’s geofencing capability, my house returns to my preferred comfort setting when I’m within a few miles from home. Quite simply, the Lyric thermostat offers me the ability to keep my life in tune – delivering comfort when I’m home and savings when I’m gone.”

The Lyric thermostat is available now through heating and cooling contractors and will be in stores in August.

Want to see the Lyric in action? Check out the video below:


Source: Honeywell