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I'm looking at possibly picking up a 2010 Honda CR-V with the Navigation system included (model EX-L NAVI). Would anyone with experience care to share your observations? I have heard that Honda doesn't update their maps very often, and the maps are included on a CD (and separate drive for the CD). That makes me wonder if the system isn't all that modern?

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I have the Honda Navi on my 2010 Accord EX-L. As you say, they have their "database" on a DVD. My DVD player is in the trunk, beside the speakers under the rear deck. This DVD player is strictly for the Navi unit, the 6-CD changer in the dash is for music. I was hoping that they'd have a USB port, but I guess that'll be next year's model.

I've been using it since January 2010, I find it works rather well. I do find some inaccuracies, as the area I live in is in the midst of major changes (the entire Highway 1 corridor in Vancouver is being rebuilt). You get two (2) DVDs, one for Canada and the other for the US. The Canadian DVD allows you go into upper Northern States (I don't know how far, as I haven't travelled further than Seattle with it yet.) And I suppose the US DVD works in Southern Canada (I haven't tried the US DVD yet, still sealed it the case).

Pros: Voice recognition, large display that can be seen in daylight, fully integrated with the audio system, database of locations also has phone numbers, and with a Bluetooth-enable phone, can call your contacts.

Cons: Annual DVD replacements cost $250.00! I'm hoping that they might have some kind of new release "deal" when the next year's DVD comes out, because that price is unreasonable, especially given that companies like Garmin have a lifetime update program for $99.00. Tom-Tom gives away their lifetime updates when you buy certain models.
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Old technology... CD/DVD-based automobile navigation systems go back to the era of the original Hertz NeverLost (a.k.a. EverLost) system ca. 1999, which suffered from terrible lag as it often went into "recalculating" (a.k.a. slumber) mode too often in metropolitan areas. That's why Hertz always gave out a paper map too.

By now any such disc-based system would have to be much more responsive, but even a matter of weeks can make traffic routing data out of date.
I don't know about OnStar, but I don't think it's an option. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere at least. TechieFreak, have you noticed any problems with map lag? Does it keep up in city driving?

The salesmen didn't think there was an option to switch to a 3D map view perspective, only a top down map. Is that true? Does it speak the street names as you're driving?

I looked up OnStar availability and it is only on GM and SAAB vehicles now.
TechieFreak, have you noticed any problems with map lag? Does it keep up in city driving? The salesmen didn't think there was an option to switch to a 3D map view perspective, only a top down map. Is that true? Does it speak the street names as you're driving?

No lag whatsoever, city or highway. Even if one would "exceed" the speed limit. ;) Take a test drive in a car with the Navi built in, you'll see for yourself. I too was a little concerned with a DVD database, but after a test drive, I was OK with it. Like Stampeder says, it is older technology, but the automotive industry normally is slow to take in newer technology.

There is no 3D view, but in nav mode (or guidance mode), when you approach a turning point, an insert pops up with real-time distance remaining to make the turn, and shows appropriate lanes when the turn comes up. Yes it does state street names, but not by default, you have to turn it on. Instructions to do so are in the manual.

Personally, I can see a day when the "radio" in a car doesn't even have a disc-based player. A simple USB port to connect any player device or flash drive, to play music, and also an external way of updating navigation systems.

Another "con" is the Points-of-interests. When you look up the name of a particular store or restaurant, it would list anything with the name specified, even if it's 4,000 kms away. I'd like to see it limit its search to a 20, 50 or 100 kms radius.
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Cool, thanks! One other question, what size is the LCD display? The salesmen only demoed the unit in a Honda Pilot, and said they were very similar. He didn't have a CR-V with one in it.

Some good deals on 2010 car models right now. I can finally get all the gadgets I want, and closer to the maximum price I want to pay!

Any regrets with your CR-V (in general)?

I believe that the Navi displays would all be the same size (approximately 7.5" diag). It would expensive for Honda to stock multiple displays, and redesign their dashboards for different display sizes. I may be wrong, but I can't imagine that they would make their Navi units with different sized displays.
One positive side of having the NAVI unit is the built in rear view camera. I went with the non-navi version of the CR-V and find safely backing up the vehicle is really hard on a downward sloping driveway as the whole backside is a real blind-spot.
I stopped by another dealer and checked the screen size. It looks like a good 7" anyway. Much nicer than the little 4" screen on the new 2011 Rogue!

I also like the idea of a backup camera, although I haven't actually seen it working yet. I seem to have trouble judging distance in mirrors!

I have the Honda navi in my Ridgeline and installed the factory backup camera and tell you it is an excellent addition to my truck. As the other poster said with the CRV, backing up as with most vehicles with rearends, the blindspot makes it difficult. The backup camera give you a good clear color view when backing up and nighttime allows you to see everything as well.

Excellent addition but expensive (I believe in Canada it was well over a $1000 installed), my son installed my for me as that is the only way I could justify the purchase (I believe I paid a little over $300 USD ordered from the USA).

As to NAVI updates, yes they are expensive at $250...if they were $100 a year I would find it still expensive but acceptable. The good thing is the Canadian updates include all of Canada/USA but they are on two separate DVDs so you need to switch them if you are going out of the country.

Put a down payment on a 2010 Honda CR-V EX-L NAVI with the "Sport" package and remote start today. Another customer was buying one, and they had it ready to pick up, all shined up and detailed. It looked pretty sharp. Can't wait until Saturday when I pick up mine!

Honda's web site says updated maps will be available end of Sept. 2010, so I wanted them to include that in the price. Instead we deducted $250.00 from my offer, and I'll buy it when available.

Nice job on getting this year's update for free. But this also confirms my fears that this will not have a "release sale" once it becomes available.
also an external way of updating navigation systems
Have you tried sending a Google or MapQuest map to your vehicle, I recently purchased a truck with on-star and I'm wondering if it works well?

I know it's not a complete upgrade but it is away around it.
I have a 2009 Honda CRV EXL Navi and love it. I think all of the above points are are very accurate. My biggest concern with the navi unit is that I find in rural areas you tend to enter into "unverified areas" quite a bit which tends to confuse the Navi in a couple of ways:

(1) it won't give you exact routing information to get to your destination in "unverified areas". Just a general "pointer" direction and sometimes up to you to generally work your way towards the destination, sometimes even getting lost doing so!

(2) it does not give accurate travel times when "unverified areas" are involved. For example, my cottage is 90 minutes north of Winnipeg and the last 20 minutes are in an "unverified area". Because of this it estimates the travel time as 150 minutes!

One other strange thing about my Navi is I still haven't found a way to delete entries to my address book. Weird. So if you want to bookmark an address make sure you REALLY want it bookmarked and make sure the spelling is correct. But in urban areas it works wonderfully, integrates with your existing stereo system, responds to voice controls, adds a back-up camera which is nice for blindspots (and really excellent if you also included backup sensors).

You'll love the CRV - awesome vehicle. I wish the 2009 version that I bought offered bluetooth and satellite radio! :(
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90 minutes North?

Beaver CreeK?
Silver Bay?
Canp Morton?
I was wrong in my last post about not being able to delete entries... you can. Just didn't look hard enough.

Cottage is on the other side of the lake north of Grand Beach and BelAir. Right where highway 59 forks towards Grand Beach is where the GPS kicks into "unverified area" mode.

One last thing that I loathe about the Honda GPS (and some others in general) is the start-up nag screen that makes you click "OK" everytime before being able to use. There are actually some hacks on the web that allow you to reprogram and overide this but I'd be too chicken to even try to attmept this!!
I grew up in Victoria Beach.
5 miler North of Belair.
Update on DVD Maps

I drove to Seattle yesterday from Vancouver. My Honda Navi DVD for Canada was able to direct me successfully through the streets and highways of Seattle perfectly as I drove to my various destinations.

I suspect that the Navi system would have asked me to switch DVDs to the American one if I would have driven further through Washington into Oregon.

As MrGrinch mentioned, the Navi system always asks to confirm before calculating routes and generating a phone call (via the bluetooth). But I like the audio confirmation, especially as you're driving. That way you don't have to look down to see if you entered the information properly.
As mentioned, I picked up my CR-V on Saturday. This is my third new vehicle, but most expensive to date. Negotiations went very quickly. They had the exact vehicle I wanted on the lot, which helped me a lot, I think.

I picked Black because I though it was the sharpest of the color choices, and there is plenty of chrome trim to compliment it. I added the chrome tubular side step bars and the chrome exhaust finisher, along with the roof rack (together known as the "sport" package). It's not a big vehicle, but it's high, and I have lots of head room, even with the sun roof. The leather interior is classy, with lots of room. I don't feel like I'm being cradled in my seat, as you do sometimes with cloth seats.

The ride is nice, but not luxury. I found that to be true for all of the vehicles I test drove that were the same style and price range. You do feel the road, but it's comfortable. Don't know about handling in bad weather yet. It's 4 wheel drive, but apparently not full time (it only kicks in when you need it!).

The Navigation/Stereo/XM Radio/Bluetooth has been a lot to take in. I really like the display and all the included gadgets. Learning the correct voice commands has been a bit of a challenge. I often say one thing and it does another. Hopefully it will improve once I get the lingo down. Bluetooth is nice, but integrating my Blackberry address book is tedious. You have to give a spoken name for each and every phone number listed. It will take forever! (is there a quicker way?).

Remote Start (an option) is cool and I'm sure it will be handy on those cold winter mornings, especially when the windows are all frozen (it turns on the window defrosters as well). The dongle is a little big, which makes carrying it in your pocket in a little annoying. I may take it off until the cooler weather comes, which might be soon!

The only other option I went for was paint protection. Don't know how beneficial that is, but I've had it done to my last two new cars, and the paint faired well on both of them (both 10 years old).

All that's left to do is get the updated Navigation DVD whenever Honda releases it, and pay for insurance. So far I'm happy.

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