Shomi, Rogers'/Shaw's subscription video on demand service already has more than 11,000 hours worth of television programs available for viewers in its library. 8 more titles are now coming to viewers this June, just in time for summertime enjoyment.

Humans, described by critic John Doyle of the Globe and Mail as, “[A] slick, finely crafted thriller,” is shomi’s newest show. It is currently Channel 4’s highest-rated original drama in 20 years, and it performed within the top 5 new cable dramas on AMC in the United States in 2015.

What is it about? Shomi says this:

“Imagine a world with a robot helper: no more cooking, laundry, or taking out the trash – just more time to stream your favourite shows. The new drama Humans blurs the lines between human and machine when the latest must-have gadget is a Synth – a highly developed robotic AI (Artificial Intelligence) servant who is eerily similar to its live counterpart. Humansexplores the increasingly realistic impact of AI technology, challenging both the concept of humanity and what sharing a life with a machine could really mean.”

The show will stream exclusively on shomi beginning June 10. Other content coming to the site this June includes Homeland, Season 4, Haven, Season 5b, The League, Season 7, Married with Children, Season 1-11, Odd Mom Out, Season 2, Continnum, Season 4, and season 6 of Glee.

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