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Homebrew slingbox?

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The slingbox pro-hd was very nice - tried it for a few days.

However it had to be returned because of 2 issues related to the playback software.

1) Incredibly high CPU usage for high bitrate streams (6mbit+). To the point where a Core i5 laptop had trouble keeping up.

2) Lack of post processing - some obvious scaling artifacts.

I liked the idea of near-perfect HDTV streaming. What sort of software/hardware solution could be used in place of the sling?

For example, a HDTV import card + VLC streaming? Or something more sophisticated....
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A Hauppauge HD PVR or Colossus plus Sage TV or MediaPortal will do the job for streaming live TV. Support for the Colossus is not finalized but it's available in beta form. I've done it with the HD PVR and MediaPortal but the HD PVR can be a little finicky at times. The Colossus should be better but I haven't used it.
VLC should do what you want it but I don't think it supports Hauppauge devices directly. MediaPortal and SageTV do. The HD stream from an HD PVR is 9.0Mb MPEG4 by default but it can be adjusted down. The quality is virtually as good as the original at default capture rates.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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