by Christina Peden

Every month, our sister site  features one lucky forum member as the proud owner of its 'Home Theatre of the Month', and we've decided to share this column with our readers here at . For June, this honour is bestowed upon forum member  David Beck  and his home theatre, The Savoy.

When David and his wife decided to build a new home from the ground up near Des Moines, Iowa, they knew they had to include a  home theatre in the house plans. In fact, Dave already had a name for the theatre in mind:  "I wanted to name it after an old, closed-down theater — The Savoy — from my hometown of Garwin, Iowa, which has a population of about 350 people."

Check out the building process as The Savoy goes from this:

To this:


Maybe you'll get some inspiration for your own home theatre in the process.


Source: AVSforums