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hey guys looking for a system for my living room. its about 12ft by 12ft. i'm looking for a 5.1 system that will be used roughly 50% for music (hiphop/house) and 50% for tv/home theater. my budget is around 600-1000 for the speakers/sub... which i know is rather wide, but i'm looking for a good sounding system thats a good bang for the buck.

don't really care if its two towers and two bookshelf, or four bookshelf as long as it sounds good with music.

i'd also be needing a receiver. i've had awesome past experiences with HK, but i'm also open to suggestions. i'm not sure if this is a standard feature, but it would be nice to be able to listen to my computer's music library while watching sports or playing ps3.

as always, thanks for your help!
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