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Recently we switched ISPs and added a Rogers branded Netcomm 3G10WVR router, which replaced an old Linksys router we had. I have an Engenius WAP hardwired via ethernet cable from the router to boost the wireless signal throughout the house. The Engenius and Linksys setup always worked together with no issues, but now I notice that we occasionally get cut off from the internet. This often happens after a period of inactivity. Eg. if I'm browsing the web, then leave my laptop for 20 mins, then go back to again to browse the web, I'll have been disconnected from the network, and it's not easy to reconnect without rebooting. Some days I can connect to one device but not the other, occasionally I can't connect to either without unplugging the other.

I know the problem isn't the signal coming from Rogers.

We have quite a few wireless devices in the house all internet-capable. I'm wondering if this is an IP address conflict. What should I do?
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