by Christina Peden

Home Depot announced on Tuesday its new partnership with Wink Technology in a bid to make “Smart Home” technology readily available to households across Canada.

Representatives from Home Depot demonstrated a variety of connected products at a “Smart Open House” that coincided with the announcement. Products ranged from door locks, thermostats, light switches, blinds and security cameras — all controlled with a single app known as Wink.

Wink has been working closely with Honeywell, General Electric, Philips and other manufacturers to develop app-enabled Smart Home devices. Home Depot now has 70 different products available that all interface directly with the Wink app, making it easier to control different aspects of your connected home.

The Wink app is free, though for the moment it’s only available for Android and iOS and doesn’t have a desktop version. Some of the 70 Smart Home devices sync directly with the app, but others will need to be connected by a Wink "hub" in your home.

While the Smart Home products demonstrated are available at a variety of retailers, the Wink hub is currently only available at Home Depot.

Matt McGovern, Wink’s marketing director, assured attendees that although the products need power and a live Internet connection to operate as ‘smart’ devices, they can all still be controlled manually in the event of a blackout.

“We’re not suggesting nobody ever touch a light switch again, that’s not how people live,” he said.

The Wink hub is available for purchase on the Home Depot website and will set you back $89.98. Prices for Smart Home devices range from $10 to $1299.


Source: Toronto Star