Panasonic Canada and CBC have announced they will produce two 3DTV broadcasts of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada this coming season.

Games to be produced in stereoscopic vision include Montreal versus Toronto on Saturday, December 11 and the Heritage Classic from McMahon Stadium in Calgary on Sunday, February 20, 2011.

Panasonic will be the official sponsor of the 3D broadcast which will be produced using Panasonic equipment including rigs, 3D HD cameras and 3D production monitors.

In order to watch the special broadcasts you'll need the following: a 3D Ready television set to 3D Side by Side format; a pair of LCD shutter glasses compatible with your 3D-ready TV for each viewer; an HDMI connection between your set top box and your television; compatible HD Cable / IPTV or satellite receiver; and a programming subscription with cable / satellite or IPTV provider carrying the game.

Many Digital Home readers have been asking us if they will be able to watch 3D broadcasts on their existing HDTV using 3D glasses from the past. The answer is no.

The reason a traditional HD set and glasses cannot be used is the 3D broadcasts are encoded in a new 3DTV format which can only be decoded and viewed with the latest 3D ready televisions and active shutter glasses.

No word yet on which cable/satellite or IPTV providers will carry the game, however, it's expected that most broadcast distributors will carry the game and offer it to their customers.

The two games will also air in 2D on conventional CBC channels.

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